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  2007-07-17 Add the screen shots of the previous runs that have occurred with this ClustrMap.
done 2007-07-18 c000006: Correct the link to the current Document Engineering page in the text
done 2007-07-18 c000006: Correct the c000006b link to go to that page and not the include page
done 2007-07-18 Reflect this current version in the catalog
done 2007-07-18 Share new material (screen shots) with the hosted-site image
done 2007-07-18 c000006*: Correct the page titles of all of the folio pages, eliminating artifacts of original pages used as boilerplate
done 2007-07-18 c000006c: Add version progression to the folio
done 2007-07-18 c000006c: Include Screen shots of how an inclusion is made.
done 2007-07-18 c000006*: Verify that the page styles are those of the Construction Material template.  (I think I cloned the wrong earlier template to make this one.): c000006, c000006a, c000006b, c000006b1, c000006c, c000006c1
done 2007-07-18 c000006c: Explain what is included
done 2007-07-18 c000006c: Make this the FrontPage 2003 Include Technique
done 2007-07-17 Update the catalog to reflect the new material.  This sets us up to be able to share this folio by sharing and branching to other sites, starting with ODMdev.
done 2007-07-17 Share the new folio pages to the hosted site.
done 0.01 2007-07-17 c000006: Update to reflect the new structure
done 2007-07-17 c000006b: Build from Include Page c000006c
done 2007-07-17 c000006b1: Include c000006c1 as an Included Page
done 2007-07-17 c000006c: Build a document-engineering page for this material and do a cross-inclusion.  This page should keep track of all of those pages that have references to the ClustrMap inclusion.  I don't think the hyperlink map includes these.  Check on that.  [dh:2007-07-17 It does, but visitors and non-FrontPage tools won't know that.]
done 2007-07-17 c000006c1: Make a version with a reference to its document engineering page.
2007-07-16 If we ever need to do document engineering, rename c000006b to c000006b1 to bootstrap the thing. [dh:2007-07-17 I might as well do it now before I share this folio to ODMdev and other places.]
done 2007-07-17 Insert the clustrmap back at active/default.htm also.
done 2007-07-16 Share this folio back to the hosted-site image for update with the next upload.
done 2007-07-16 c000001: Reflect this 0.00 status in the catalog
done 2007-07-16 Insert the ClustrMap back at the pages that already have one: odmaapps.htm, odmadmss.htm, default.htm, support/default.htm, downloads/default.htm, downloads/odma20-3.htm, faq/default.htm
done 2007-07-16 ODMA default.htm verify that the insertion page works back to the default.htm page
done 2007-07-16 c000006b: Make a page with just the ClustrMap insertion from the ODMA default.htm page.
done 2007-07-16

Create this page ready for recording ClustrMap Diary & Job Jar items.

Revision History:
0.01 2007-07-18-13:24 Advance to Template-Useful Form
This folio is now also suitable as boilerplate for other folios for ClustrMaps and other include page templates used on this and other sites.
0.00 2007-07-16-19:59 Create Initial Placeholder
Introduce an initial placeholder that serve as a target of links and provides a diary & job jar that can be employed immediately.

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