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C000004 ODMdev Construction Note
Construction-Material Template


0.25 2010-08-29 20:12 -0700

In addition to providing descriptive information and documentation, this page is also a template for construction-material pages of this site.  The template features depend on the use of Microsoft FrontPage for the development and maintenance of this material, and are only fully available when these web pages are accessed using Microsoft FrontPage.  

1. Informal Template Usage - Summary
2. FrontPage "Include Page" Components
    2.1 Title Image Link
    2.2 Construction Image Link
    2.3 "You Are Here ..." Text
3. FrontPage Style Inclusion

1. Informal Template Usage - Summary

1.1 This page can be used as a boilerplate for a full page in the default style for construction-material pages. 

1.2 In Microsoft FrontPage, make a new version of this page via copy and paste within the Folder List or Web Site view.  Rename the file to reflect its intended use after customization.  There will be alterations of shortcuts to reflect the new location.  Some will need to be re-adjusted manually.   Make link adjustments while customizing the new page:

1.3 The title block -- the table at page top -- can be copied by itself to produce a title block with the correct styles and the automatic inclusion of the correct left-section image for this site.

1.4 The construction block -- the table at page bottom -- can be copied by itself to produce a construction block with the correct styles,  the automatic inclusion of the left-side Hard Hat image and link, and the "you are navigating ..." information in the center section of the block.  The right-side material will be updated automatically by Microsoft Visual Source Safe, if used, but the "created ..." line must be updated manually.

1.5 The body style -- the background, font, and link colorings, must be manually edited into the <body stylesrc="c000004e.htm"> tag with recent versions of FrontPage (e.g., 2003 and later).  Although the use of a private tag for this purpose is deprecated and styles should  be applied instead, we are preserving this practice for use with older versions of Internet Explorer.  (At this time, no significant use of styles is employed in the ODMdev pages.)

1.6 There are other ways to accomplish this using Visual Source Safe sharing into locations that are synchronized with a web server having FrontPage extensions.  Also, there are better ways to make full-page templates.  This information is provided as a provisional solution until there is a smoother general technique in place.

2. FrontPage "Include Page" Components

These features are not visible on the published versions of these web pages.  The effect of the components will be present, but the components themselves are not on the published pages.   The components only appear with access of the pages by Microsoft FrontPage.

2.1 Title Image Link: C000004b

ODMA: Open Document Management API


This component creates the Title block image by inclusion of page C000004b.htm.  The component provides the image associated with this site, a title expressing the name of the site, and a shortcut to the site itself at its official URL.  The image shown is the one that was in use on the date this page was last published.

2.2 Construction Image Link: C000004c

Construction Office (Hard Hat Area)


This component creates the table-cell image by inclusion of page C000004c.htm.   The standard form of the image provides a "... (Hard Hat Area)" caption and an anchor-relative link into the construction zone at the front porch of the site.

This component is replaced by a custom component whenever there is a closer construction zone to a page that has a bottom banner block. 

 2.3 "You Are Here ..." Text: C000004d

This component creates the table-cell text by inclusion of page C000004d.htm.  The component provides the text that we want to have present in the bottom strip of construction-structure pages of this site. 

3. FrontPage Style Inclusion 

The FrontPage Style inclusion used for this and other Construction Structure pages is in page C000004e.htm.  That page describes how the background and basic styles are set on that page and how they are used from other pages.  If manual editing is required, use <body stylesrc="c000004e.htm"> with the proper path to the style source.

0.25 2006-01-18-14:44 Stabilize for Use
The template components are customized for the new location and this page provides preliminary documentation and instructions.  The repaving of ODMdev is reflected.
0.00 2005-11-04-17:34 Describe the construction-material inclusion and template elements for ODMdev
Customize the completed C000003 page as the basis for the Construction-Material template also. The current development state of the present material is accounted for in a separate diary & job jar page.

Construction Office (Hard Hat Area)

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ODMA Interoperability Exchange construction material.

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