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Construction Zone


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This is the construction zone that was used to bootstrap the Construction Office for the ODMA Development Site.  For further information on the material available here:

Those resources and the entrance to the site can be used to locate all scaffolding, construction materials, and current content.

Change History

2004-11-17-15:43 Switch to Construction Zone for ODMA.info
There is no further history maintained on this page.  All further history is maintained on the construction Diary & Job Jar for this construction section.
2002-05-21-09:28 Create Initial ODMA/construction section (orcmid)
   1. In order to allow independent mirroring of the  ODMA.info sections on InfoNuovo.com, there is an independent construction structure that will vary depending on the location of the mirror (e.g., on CD-ROM, at a different web location, or on a hard drive directory structure).  
   2. This construction section and a _private section are cloned from the same sections of the DMware.info mirror. 
   3. The practices adopted for mirrors under the nfoCentrale.net anchor site are followed in updating those sections and the root of ODMA.info under InfoNuovo.com.
   4. The DMware logo is shared into the ODMA/images folder so that mirroring is independent of the location of DMware.info.  
   5. This construction history is transformed into the appropriate one for ODMA.info: the orcmid.htm page is updated for reference within the mirror, this construction.htm is updated, and the index.htm is also updated.
   6. Then _private, the root level of ODMA.info, and the construction structure of the top-level sections can be updated, as accounted for in their individual construction histories.

Hard Hat Area (Anchor Site)

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ODMA Interoperability Exchange construction structure.

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