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  2007-07-26 c000001: In fixing the Fragment IDs for the entry rows, use both the lower-case and the upper-case version if possible.  (FrontPage may object.)
  2007-07-18 Review the construction/templates/00 folder and change to use "c0000nn" accession names, not "C" ones.
  2007-07-18 Review the construction/templates/00 folder to make sure that the page titles are all current and not leftovers from pages used as boilerplates. 
  2007-07-16 Create a folio for the insertion of the "This site is being repaved" message and a link to where the repaving is described.
  2007-07-16 c000001: Add a revision history to the catalog page.
  2007-07-16 c011100: Create this folio and use an include page to populate construction/orcmid.htm.
  2006-10-12 Create a construction project for the making of a consistent construction structure across the site.
  2006-01-20 Customize the templates/00/C000003-C000005 cover pages and job jars and diaries to reflect use for ODMA rather than ODMdev.
  2005-06-27 We must consider how to add a Creative Commons license and clear it with AIIM.  This should work all right.  We can use the assignment, attribution game and have it work. [dh:2006-01-20 The use of a Creative Commons notice will be optional on these pages, rather than automatic.  We will explicitly create/change under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 license as we go.]
in progress 2005-06-27 The 3-level use of templates can be mapped to this site.  It should be a mini-project.  It can work for all top-level sections, but it needs to be added or deepened for some.  We also need to clear out the α00nnx level of accession numbers for the usual practice of template and "constructor" usage.  Completed for: construction/templates, downloads, faq/templates, projects, support
  2005-03-05 Put no-follow in the construction templates for construction zones and construction materials: C000003a, C000003b, C000003c, C000004a, C000004b, and C000004c, and propagate this to the remainder in the construction templates for page elements.
  2004-11-17 The rel="nofollow" anchor tag attribute should be used on all links to orcmid.htm and also interior construction links.  There is no reason to generate link ranking with these references.
in progress 2004-11-18 Change the nomenclature everywhere in this section, and in the Include Pages, to use ODMA Interoperability Exchange, not Development Site: C000000, C000003c, C000004c, C000005c, other pages to be reviewed
  2004-11-17 The conformant construction-template pages should be blended back to Orcmid.com and used there and elsewhere.
  2004-11-17 Create an Anchor Site Dependencies page for this construction material
  2004-11-17 Refer to the License FAQ from appropriate pages of the ODMA site.
  2004-11-17 Create the FAQ for Licenses needed with ODMA and refer to License 1.0
  2004-11-09 We can't move ODMA until we get the forms working in the local _private.  Make sure that I don't miss that dependency.  I should get it working on nfoCentrale first, probably.
  2004-11-09 Do we make a blog for ODMA?  That would create ODMA presence and also a general place to obtain information.  This is different from ActiveODMA or not?  If we do this, we should bring it up on nfoCentrale.net and never here on InfoNuovo.
  2004-11-09 Prioritize the FAQ and especially the FAQ about communication and information, including mailing and distribution and discussion lists.
  2004-11-09 Create a set of projects for refreshing all content pages to conform to the HTML 4.01 styles employed for all nfoCentrale.net (and DMware) sites.
in progress
2004-11-09 Refresh the construction material on the entire site, in preparation for refresh and rehosting.[dh: 2004-11-18 introducing construction zones as appropriate]: root, FAQ,
in progress
2004-11-09 Refresh the construction structure of the entire site, in preparation for rehosting and also refreshing ODMA activities. [dh:2004-11-16 Make construction zones where there are only construction pages at this point, so that we can manage work items locally.]: root, _private, downloads, faq, images, projects, status, support
2006-06-14 Add a construction template for the ClustrMap so I can place it on popular pages as they become known.  [dh:2006-06-23 Current locations are odmaapps.htm, odmadmss.htm, default.htm, support/default.htm, downloads/default.htm, downloads/odma20-3.htm, faq/default.htm]
done 2007-07-16 c000001: Correct all entries to refer to the ODMA site and the ODMA Interoperability Exchange where other sites are still mentioned (nfoWare, ODMdev, orcmid, etc.).
done 2007-07-16 Change the listings in c000001 to use "c" instead of "C" to match the precise case used in the add-on domain.
done 2006-10-12 Create a construction project for the repaving of ODMA.info as add-on site odma.nfocentrale.com.
done 2006-10-12 Set up construction/2006/10 for initial folios on construction and repaving: 2006/index.htm, 2006/10/index.htm
done 2006-06-23 Create a Construction Zone in the Support section.  See 2004-11-09 item on this topic.
done 2006-01-20 Change to use of a templates/00 structure for ODMA construction/.
done 2006-01-20 Customize the index.htm pages that were brought over from ODMdev
done 2006-01-20 In FrontPage for the ODMA development site, recalculate all links and let it go like this for now.
done 2006-01-20 In VSS, delete the templates/00/C00000n pages and branch the templates/00/C00000n and C00000na pages from nfoWare.  Then reshare to the hosted-site image.
done 2006-01-20 In VSS, bring over the two index.htm files for templates/ and templates/00 from nfoWare.
done 2006-01-20 Do the same thing with C000005
done 2006-01-20 Do the same thing with C000004
done 2006-01-20 Move C000003, C000003a, C000003b, C000003c, and C000003e to templates/00 and rename C000003a-c to C0000003b-d after branching all of them.  Delete C000003d.
done 2006-01-20 Create construction/templates/00 structure without any content.
done 2006-01-20 Rename C000001-log.htm to simply C000001.   This is a breaking change for external URLs.  We don't care.  It's construction stuff.
done 2004-11-17 Correct the table caption and the cell alignments on C000001.
done 2004-11-17 Change the grounding link on the orcmid page to the orcmid page address
done 2004-11-17 Share the new images to the site image so they appear in browsers.
done 2004-11-17 Check all of the construction section pages for correct HTML 4.01 DTD and root elements: C000000, C000001, C000003, C000003a, C000003b, C000003c, C000003d, C000003e, C000004, C000004a, ..., C000004d, ..., construction, index.htm, orcmid.htm
done 2004-11-17 Customize the structure for this construction zone: C000000, C000001, construction, index
done 2004-11-17 Resample the large Hard Hat image to make a new one of the same dimensions: hardhat-thumb.gif
done 2004-11-17 Resample the large ODMA image to make a new one of the same dimensions: odma-thumb.gif.
done 2004-11-17 Customize the Include Pages for the Standard Page Structure so we can use it
done 2004-11-17 Customize the Include Pages for the Construction Structure
2004-09-23 Update orcmid.htm and conform to the nfoCentrale HTML 4.01 styles and title forms.
2004-09-23 Customize the Include Pages (C000004) used for the ODMA Construction Materials. 
done 2004-09-23 Bring a construction set over here from Orcmid's Lair and begin customizing
0.00 2004-09-23-17:25 Initiation of Diary & Notes (orcmid)
This Construction Office change history is set up for a construction-structure refresh of the ODMA.info site.

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