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2006-10-12 Announcement


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1. Announcement Insert

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This site is being repaved.

A server migration and refresh are in progress.  The site will become inaccessible during major construction events.  As the transition continues, material at old URLs may become stale.  Use http://ODMA.info URLs to ensure consistent access to the latest material.

For status of the server migration, check the ActiveODMA Discussion List.  Known defects are being captured and managed in the Transition to Add-On Domain job jar.

For other questions and to report other defects, use the Contact Information page.


This is the original announcement  made on 2006-10-12.  In changing it to creation via an Include Page web component using FrontPage 2003, a caption has been added and all links are made the same color as the overall font.

This information is no longer current, and it will be updated by provision of a new announcement that is not so "in your face" and provides a related page with improved explanation and details.

2. Additional Information 

{Author note: To be defined as part of updating to a more-informative announcement. 2007-07-26: This has been handled in the update of the front page and creation of the 2007-07-26 status.}

3. Insert Usage

Using Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003, the correct announcement may be inserted into any number of site pages.  Insertion is by using the FrontPage extensions "Include Page" web component.  The Include Page provides a single-cell table element that accomplishes three purposes:

  1. The announcement provides a link to a document-engineering page (such as this one) where more detail of the repaving-project status may be found. 

  2. The FrontPage 2003 Hyperlinks View provides a way to know where the announcement is currently placed as it is appropriate to remove it from some pages and add it to others.

  3. Maintenance of the insertion is performed in a single place and automatically reflected in all of the places the announcement has been inserted.

The link in the caption beneath the cell provides access to the corresponding document-engineering page and its explanation.

{author note: Add information about the link to use and where the procedure is described in c000006.  2007-07-26: This has been handled on the front page of this folio.}

0.02 2007-07-26-14:28 Obsoleted by 2007-07-26 Status
The 2007-07-26 Status obsoletes the Include Page and provides a specific approach to be applied.
0.01 2007-07-21-17:29 Expand as the announcement Document Engineering page
Establish the include page for the notices and provide document engineering and detail on the announcement as it was known at that time.  Make this be the minimum before updating the announcement to be current as of July, 2007.
0.00 2006-10-12-17:29 Create Placeholder
A simple placeholder is inserted for future introduction of content.

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