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in progress 2006-10-12
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ODMA.info Is Being Repaved.

Migration to a new server introduced a number of problems that need to be repaired.  Older pages also need to be modified and reorganized for consistency across the entire ODMA site.  While the site is being repaved to accomplish both kinds of improvements, you may notice discrepancies and problems with links to site content.

Check the Site Repaving Project pages for additional details on the known defects and the approach to correction and upgrade.  Contact the ODMA Technical Coordinator with questions and to report any defects that you notice.


in progress 2008-04-25 Create a construction zone for the /downloads section when its construction structure is being repaved
in progress 2008-04-25 Conduct review of the /active content, using that construction zone for local management of the repaving
in progress 2008-04-25 Conduct repaving of the /faq construction structure using the construction zone there
in progress 2008-04-25 Conduct repaving of the construction structure starting from the front-porch Construction Zone
in progress 2008-04-25 Get the rules down for construction structure organization so that it can be maintained consistently all the way.  [dh:2007-08-05 This is accomplished by expanding construction template c000003 and also repaving the Construction Section][dh:2008-04-25 This has been completed for nfoWorks and it will be done here and on ODMdev next.]
in progress 2008-04-25 The nfoWorks bootstrapping has updated the patterns for construction structure.  Follow those patterns in the repaving of construction structure here.
  2006-10-12 review all /construction and construction/template items for breakage
  2006-10-12 review all /active items for breakage
  2006-10-12 review all /project items for breakage
  2006-10-12 review all /download items for breakage
  2006-10-12 review all /faq items for breakage
  2006-10-12 review all /support items for breakage
  2008-04-25 c061001e1: Mention/link the ODMdiary when it is available
  2007-07-26 Use the pattern of the first ODMdev review to also create the review process here on this page and on other pages of the ODMA site.
  2006-10-12 faq/ODMAmeto.htm form is not working on either the new infonuovo.doc site nor the add-on odma.nfocentrale.com site.  This must be repaired, first, and improved, second.
  2006-10-12 NtS: The DMware site seems to have the same problem with regard to access to its logo.  The license page, DMware /license/P040801F is referenced from ODMA and deserves a fix.
  2006-10-12 NtS: support/default.htm Contents "Support Status" link doesn't work.  Other links are also bogus or not quite appropriate.
  2006-10-12 NtS: support/odma20st.htm is stale but it is all right for Add-On Domain transition
  2006-10-12 NtS: support/default.htm links to AIIM DMware at the top.  Change to normal title block and keep in ODMA context.
  2006-10-12 Note to Self: faq/2005/07/q050701c (Contact & Feedback master) reference to the Emergency Contact Procedure needs to be at the nfoCentrale level and it needs to be more emphatic.  The link into the bottom of an external page is not great.
  2006-10-12 Q050701c: Refers and links to nfocentrale.net in top panel.
done 0.03 2008-04-25 c061001: Add the rededication material, update the version, and reflect in the catalog and the mirror-site image
done 0.01 2008-04-25 c061001a: Update this job jar with work items for following through on the repaving
2007-07-26 c061001d2: We need a check-off insertion for sections of the site that have been reviewed and checked-off as repaved correctly.  There also needs to be some place where all of the sections are accounted for.  This would appear to be the folio cover.  Something similar is needed for ODMdev and for other sites as we introduce a tracking structure for repaving. [dh:2008-04-25 This was finally accomplished with c061001e and its include-page notices.]
done 2008-04-25 c061001b1: Update to have c061001e1 as the include page
done 2008-04-25 c061001b: Update to have c061001e as the include page
done 2008-04-25 c061001e: Add this to reflect a rededication of the site, with the additional inserts for repair of structure/content and for creation in compliance.  This will allow for a wave-following refinement in the manner of ODMdev and nfoWorks.
done 2008-04-25 c061001e: Update to show the various notices and their use, similarly to the nfoWorks case.
done 2008-04-25 c061001e4: Customize on the nfoWorks model
done 2008-04-25 c061001e3: Customize on the nfoWorks model
done 2008-04-25 c061001e2: Customize on the nfoWorks model
done 2008-04-25 c061001e1: Customize for the rededication
done 0.01 2008-04-25 c061001d: Obsolete in favor of c061001e
done 0.02 2007-07-26 c061001: Reflect the updated version in the construction catalog
done 0.02 2007-07-26 c061001: Incorporate content from the ODMdev c070701 folio cover, identifying the additional problem of the broken entry forms.
done 2007-07-26 c061001: Adjust available materials to include the latest
done 2007-07-26 c061001b1: Update by including c061001d1 as its content
done 2007-07-26 c061001b: Update by including c061001d as its content
done 2007-07-26 c061001c: Introduce c061001d as the next version
done 2007-07-26 c061001d: Clone from ODMdev c070701c and adjust the initial effort to the critical areas that need to be addressed first for the ODMA repaving.  After the redoing of the construction structure, the FAQ, Downloads, and Support sections will require the most-significant effort to normalize and have in a consistent site-wide style.  The projects and the active sections are relatively minor to develop.  It might even be worth dismantling the active section and having it be a facade above ODMdev.  This remains an open problem.
done 2007-07-26 c061001d1: Clone from ODMdev c070701c1 and customize as the 2007-07-26 update for ODMA.  This will allow the same insertion-page structure and progress-reporting to be applied to ODMA repaving, which will be much more difficulty. 
2006-10-12 review all /dev items for breakage [dh:2006-10-12 The /dev section is developed and operated as if it were a separate domain.  We might need to make it so in order to test it properly.  NtS with regard to the /dev construction structure - may need something there too.][dh:2008-04-25 This is now handled completely under ODMdev construction and engineering, since 2007-07-24.]
done 2007-07-21 Confirm changes by update of the hosted site.
done 2007-07-21 c061001: Customize to a new version that reflects the use of the first Include Page
done 2007-07-21 c061001 and c000001: Change to Site Repaving Project. We can make Transition to Add-On Domain one of the issues or items to deal with.
done 2007-07-21 c000001: Reflect updating of the folio
done 2007-07-21 c061001b: Correct the title of the page, and the location of FrontPage page format
done 2007-07-21 c061001c: Customize as the first version of the included revision information.
done 2007-07-21 c061101b1: Hook this in place of the current notices at default.htm.
done 2007-07-21 c061001c1: Change to be a version of the repaving message that we currently have.  Make it a table cell and give it a caption below, also.
done 2007-07-21 c000006: Branch c000006b1, c000006c, and c000006c1 to corresponding c061001 pages for customization as a more-effective notice to use on the ODMA site.
done 2007-07-21 c061001c: Delete this provisional page and be prepared to make a new one.
done 2006-10-12 support/default.htm references AIIM DMware logo through non-existent ODMA /dmware/images folder.  [dh:2006-10-12 Changed to use the dmware-thumb.gif on this site.]
done 2006-10-12 ODMA.info default.htm: the reference to images/dmware-logoc2k-201-04-27.gif fails.  The actual name has capital letters.  [dh:2006-10-12 Change name to dmware-thumb.gif and reflect that in the pages that use it.]
done 2006-10-12 construction/orcmid.htm is fine.
done 2006-10-12 Inventory the front porch and the entries to key sections for breakage, especially unreachable pages and failures to display images.
done 2006-10-12

Customize this page for immediate usage without waiting for other parts of folio to be cleaned up.

Revision History:
0.01 2008-04-25-13:51 Proceeding with Rededicated Repaving
A rededication for ODMA repaving is created and these work items are brought current and read for going forward at that level.
0.00 2006-10-12-17:29 Create Initial Placeholder
Customize for immediate use in capturing defects and arranging to repair them.

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