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0.02 2008-04-26 11:19 -0700

The ODMA Interoperability Exchange supports the Open Document Management API (ODMA).  It is part of the AIIM DMware Document Management Interoperability Exchange, but it has an independent web domain, ODMA.info.  This construction zone is now focused on work items and notes for maintenance of the home-page and entrance area of the site, the Front Porch:

The change history of this page is no longer maintained.  All further work items and notes about them are found at the Diary & Job Jar for this construction zone.

Superior Zone: none
Local Zone: construction.htm  Construction Zone (front cover, this page)
     c000000.htm Diary & Job Jar
       index.htm ODMA.info Construction Structure
Subordinate Zones: construction/  Construction Material Construction Zone
[and pending]
Related Materials: Construction Material


ODMA> repaving> 2008-04-25 rededication>

ODMA.info Is Being Repaved.

Migration to a new server introduced a number of problems that need to be repaired.  Older pages also need to be modified and reorganized for consistency across the entire ODMA site.  While the site is being repaved to accomplish both kinds of improvements, you may notice discrepancies and problems with links to site content.

Check the Site Repaving Project pages for additional details on the known defects and the approach to correction and upgrade.  Contact the ODMA Technical Coordinator with questions and to report any defects that you notice.


This is the Construction Zone for the front-porch (root-section) level of the ODMA site.

Change History

2008-04-26-08:34 Repaving of Construction Zone
This happens as part of the general repaving.  The Job Jar & Diary is the authoritative source.  We are just marking this special occasion in the history of the Construction Zone.
2004-11-18-10:17 Convert to Construction Zone style
Further Change History accumulation is suspended and the Construction Zone approach is used for further work items and diary entries.
2002-05-22-09:28 Split ODMA for Independent Mirroring as ODMA.info
With the registration and use of domain ODMA.info, it is necessary to arrange ODMA to operate as independently-mirrored from the DMware development site, DMware.info.  This is accomplished as follows:
1. The _private subdirectory of DMware.info is copied to the root of the ODMA.info structure and customized.
2. The construction subdirectory of DMware.info is copied to the root of the ODMA.info structure and customized.
3. The root-level pages, images, and links are updated to serve as part of an independent mirror under an unknown anchor site (operating properly whether anchored on InfoNuovo.com or nfoCentrale.net).
4. These are minimum changes.  In addition, as part of site maintenance, there must be consistent normalization applied to all pages of the site to have it be movable and consistent.  (E.g., the older links for orcmid must be updated, and the style of all pages needs to be made consistent with the nfoCentrale.net model.)
5. The DMware.info mirror, and other sites must be updated to refer appropriately to material on ODMA.info.
6. Steps (4-5) are not done at this point, and need to be part of a regular maintenance practice in preparation for migration of ODMA.info to nfoCentrale.net.
2001-11-01-22:18 Apply orcmid relay linkage
Rather than perpetually maintain mailto: URLs given for page authors and maintainers, I switched to using a link page in the development site construction section.  This usage is similar to the use of global-link pages to allow migration and mirroring of toolkits and other packaging of site material.  [update 2008-04-26: This page is being retired and all links for "orcmid" are now to the single "What's an Orcmid?" page on orcmid.com.]
2001-10-14-19:31 Tighten Up DMware Mirroring
[revised 2002-05-21]
The construction structure of the entire ODMA section is revised to provide consistency under DMware mirroring.  (ODMA must always be mirrored with DMware, because of the way upward links are organized.)
  1. The ODMA logo is always used from DMware /odma/images/odma-logo.gif (136 × 97 pixels).  The text is always "AIIM DMware ODMA Interoperability Exchange."  The target of the link is always a relative shortcut to ODMA.
  2. The Construction and Index page title has separate-component links for each part.  DMware refers to the DMware mirror of which this is a part.  ODMA refers to the ODMA section root.  Further subsection-segments refer to the particular relative section.
  3. The Hard Hat symbol uses images/hard-hat-logo.gif (160 × 115 pixels).  The text is always "Hard Hat Area."  The target of the link is always the next higher construction page, or the construction section of ODMA for a "peer" section in the ODMA mirror.
  4. For the corresponding index.htm page, the same principles apply.  In addition, any occurrence of the ODMA logo provides a relative path to the ODMA root in the current mirror.  The text for the logo is "AIIM DMware ODMA Interoperability Exchange."
2001-08-06-12:57 Replace ODMA logo image
A new reduced-size image of the ODMA logo, odma-logo.gif, is created to use so that ODMA pages load faster.  This is introduced as part of the constructions structure for DMware Mirroring.  The large image is still available for downloading and usage.
2001-06-03-22:37 Move Analysis Article
The article on where's ODMA going, produced by Dennis Hamilton, is moved to his site and is linked from this site.  The residual analysis.htm file is a tombstone for the benefit of anyone, including a search engine, who may have retained a link to it.
2001-07-27-22:59 Reconnect Construction Structure for DMware Mirroring
So that the ODMA section can be mirrored with the DMware section independent of their mirroring under any given host site, the construction structure is of the ODMA section is linked to the construction structure of the DMware section, not of the host.  This provides for mirroring of DMware on any Web site, on a CD-ROM, or on a local file system, so long as the DMware section and the ODMA section remain as peers under the same root.
2001-05-04-04:10 Touch Up for DMware Construction-Structure Consistency
The construction structure elements are touched up to reflect the establishment of the DMware Development Site following AIIM 2001.
2000-08-18-14:22 Add Projects Section
The Projects section is added to provide more visibility and accountability for on-going projects.
2000-07-10-15:58 Update ODMA Home Page
While updating to use of the ODMA logo, the default page is also updated to prepare for opening up of the FAQ section, with information on ODMA-compliant products.
2000-07-10-15:05 Create images folder for ODMA-specific images
1. An image folder was created and the AIIM ODMA logo was imported for use as a transparent image.
2. The ODMA image is used in place of the InfoNuovo image in all areas of the ODMA mini-web.
2000-06-23-19:01 Create separate FAQ section for organization of FAQtips
On learning that others wanted to link to this material, I concluded that it was high time to put it where I would be keeping it for a while.
1. A new odma\faq directory was created and FAQtip Q000600 moved there immediately, to provide a target for the proper URL.
2. The necessary changes to clean up the support section are made.
3. The new section is populated with initial information for continuation of work there.
2000-06-23-11:46 Announce ODMA Summer Bug Hunt 2000
The home page marquee is updated to refer to the bug hunt activity and lead people to the expanded support information.
2000-06-15-15:04 Change Status Section over to Support Subproject
Preparing for major additions to the support of ODMA, including capture of all known problems and change requests, I decided to rename the status section to the support section.
1. The development-site folder was renamed using FrontPage 2000.  This change was reflected automatically in the Visual Source Safe image of the "InfoNuovo Conclave Web" maintained on the personal web server.
2. The new support area still had its VSS contents shared with the status section of the "InfoNuovo VServer Web" mirror.  I branched all of the files in that status section for independent modification.
3. I shared the mirror's status section back to the FrontPage web so that I could make tombstones for this obsolete material, except for the WS_FTP log file, which remains in the mirror only.
4. I shared the new support subproject with the VServers mirror under VSS.  This is the VSS idiom for branching and also cutting off a branch with tombstone accounts.
5. I updated the top level material here so that all references to the status section are replaced by corresponding references to the support sub-project.  The home page for ODMA is reworded to refer to the support section.  The InfoNuovo logo and the Hard Hat images are removed from the title section, reflecting advancement to content rather than early construction.
6. The new support section is edited to reflect the change of name and location on the web site.
7. The old status section pages are edited to create tombstones that forward visitors having old links to the new pages.
8. This much is transferred to the mirror pages and then posted to the VServers infonuovo.com site before I commit any further damage.
2000-06-05-07:52 Overhaul the default page
The provisional default page is out of date and clumsy.  It is overhauled to be friendlier and easier to navigate.
1. The background is changed to white and the "Last Updated" entry is linked to this applicable construction-log entry.
2. The preface is updated to include this section of infonuovo.com as part of the AIIM DMware Clearinghouse.
3. A table of contents is introduced that guides to the available materials and separates out the intended topics as pending.
4. The index.htm page is reviewed but no changes are necessary.
5. The preface on this construction log is restated to reflect operation as part of the AIIM DMware Clearinghouse.
2000-05-17-12:52 Add Status Information to ODMA Material
A status directory was created with initial content.
1. It is linked from the home page of the ODMA section.
2. It is given a minimal structure to receive further additions as made as status information is captured and transcribed to pages of this site.
3. A banner announcing recent reports of a critical problem is added to the ODMA home page and linked to the status home page.
2000-05-17-12:18 Clean up ODMA top level
As part of linking in the downloads area, I noticed some cleanups needed in preparation for also adding a status area and a support area.  There will also be a projects folder for on-going projects, proposed projects, etc.
1. The small table-of-contents on the default page is updated to reflect availability of software for download and also for availability of status information.
2. I noticed that the e-mail address for orcmid also needed to be updated in all construction pages here for reference to the primary infonuovo email address.
3. I reviewed the spelling checks for this page and made corrections and added items to the dictionary of FrontPage 2000.
4. I noticed that I have been careless about making references to directories from construction pages (index.htm and construction.htm).  These pages should always refer to the index.htm or construction.htm when making a shortcut to another project.  That is because these pages are always about the construction structure and they must always link to other construction structures.  No other pages in another project or directory are ever guaranteed to be present  while major construction operations are occurring).  I corrected that in the odma project tree.
2000-05-16-23:02 Create Downloads Area
1. The downloads area is added.  It provides for downloading, via the Web, all of the current ODMA 2.0 materials.
2. The approved version of the specification, the ODMA 2.0 SDK, and the source code corresponding to the components in the ODMA 2.0 SDK are provided as the initial downloads.  These files are posted so that problems reported with Corel WordPerfect and Windows 2000 can be analyzed and repaired as appropriate.
2000-05-07-13:30 Tidy up construction log spacing
1. In testing the changes made in the VServers upload area, I noticed that some of the blocks of text in the construction log are not separated when viewed in IE5.0.  An HTML <br> break at the end of a paragraph is ignored.  I replaced the ones I wanted to leave white space with new (empty) <dt> entries.
2. There is an anomaly in when new dates are given to files in VSS.  When I changed just a property on an image and added a version-control label, the default.htm was not recognized as changed, and it kept its old date in VSS.  I got around this by making checking out the file, which has all the changes, just not the date, making some visible changes of no particular merit, and checked the file back in again!
2000-05-07-13:20 Tidy up default.htm
1. Corrected the Hard Hat image to have no border
2. Added Revision number to construction information at the bottom of the page.
2000-04-13-07:17 Post AIIM 2000 Content Expansion
1. Correct construction structure to have correct linkage from default.htm through to this construction log, and beyond.
2. Update Construction status to reflect potential restructuring as DMware comes on-line.
3. The Microsoft Image Composer intermediate between the Visio and the GIF diagrams used on the analysis page is included in the construction description and the MIC version is also shared on the VServers  production site.
2000-02-06-16:16 Add Construction Log
1. I created this construction log and adjusted index.htm so that this directory follows the project construction structure that I am imposing on the entire site.  The first complete pass will be for the basic directories descending from the home page, in preparation for posting a completed DMware project area for the first time on VServers (usurping the DMAware project that is there already).
2. I am beginning to anticipate how ODMA coverage will be factored into the infonuovo.com site and DMware site, but haven't anything to create at this point.  I just want to get the top level of infonuovo.com construction structure accurately connected for now.

0.02 2008-04-26-08:54 Convert to Construction Structure Principles
This becomes part of the current approach to construction structure, with the construction zone carrying a map to its superior and subordinate construction zones and its place in the construction structure.  The historical materials are updated to be consistent with the current organization.
0.01 2004-11-18-10:17 Cutover to Construction Zone organization
The use of the diary & job jar format for construction work items and the notion of construction zones is introduced.
0.00 2000-06-23-19:01 Original Construction Page Establishment
The original construction page carried the change history for what would later be termed the front porch construction.  Some of the history was filled in retroactively.

Construction Structure (Hard Hat Area)

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