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in progress 2008-04-25
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ODMA.info Is Being Repaved.

Migration to a new server introduced a number of problems that need to be repaired.  Older pages also need to be modified and reorganized for consistency across the entire ODMA site.  While the site is being repaved to accomplish both kinds of improvements, you may notice discrepancies and problems with links to site content.

Check the Site Repaving Project pages for additional details on the known defects and the approach to correction and upgrade.  Contact the ODMA Technical Coordinator with questions and to report any defects that you notice.


in progress 2008-04-25 Subfolders which must be repaved to satisfy the overall site repaving: _private, active, cgi-bin, construction, downloads, faq, images, projects, status, and support
  2008-08-07 Add LiveSearchSiteAuth.xml to this site front porch
  2008-04-26 _private/construction.htm: Remove this file from the hosted site image, the VSS, and the hosting site itself.
  2008-04-26 default.htm: There are case-sensitive links to internal pages of other sites (especially DMware.info) that will have to be watched when that site is repaved.
  2008-04-26 default.htm: Needs version information and also creation under document-engineering regime (q080401).
  2008-04-26 construction.htm: Update the Subordinate Zones to reflect the expanded set of subordinate construction zones.  (Technically, the repaving of each one should come back here and set the downward link)
  2008-04-26 To avoid breaking old bookmarks, we need to provide redirects for those pages that are renamed from upper to lower case or that may have had upper-case shortcuts in the past.  This is going to be an interesting problem. We will probably break some links, ones going back to the InfoNuovo.com days, but some of these cannot be avoided.  We may want to fix the 404 pages to advise about that.  [This needs to be taken into the construction material section somehow.]
  2008-04-26 support/index.htm Provide Construction Structure and establish further work under the local construction zone
  2008-04-26 status/index.htm Provide Construction Structure for the tombstone and check/replace the redirects to work (or else provide Include Pages)
  2008-04-26 projects/index.htm Provide Construction Structure and establish further work under the local construction zone
  2008-04-26 images/index.htm Provide Construction Structure and also complete construction zone for further repaving and management of the image cleanups, etc.
  2008-04-26 faq/index.htm Provide Construction Structure and establish further work under the local construction zone
  2008-04-26 downloads/index.htm Provide Construction Structure and create construction zone for further repaving and reorganization effort
  2008-04-26 construction/index.htm Provide Construction Structure and establish further work under the local construction zone
  2008-04-25 Create cgi-bin/ folder and construction structure to fit with Apache structure
  2008-04-25 The contact.htm page can become part of a q050701b1 professional-appearance page at some point.
  2008-04-25 Switch the default.htm to being provided as an include page from q080401b1.
  2007-08-01 We really need a serve-the-visitor form of default.htm page, and quickly.
  2006-06-14 See if I can get a log out of Interland that will show me the frequency of hits to individual pages.  Use that to figure out where to put more ClustrMaps.  It is cool that the ODMA site is still so popular.
  2006-01-20 For ODMA, the site will not have automatic use of a Creative Commons license.  However, we will set up for elective inclusion of the Creative Commons notice on pages where that is appropriate.  Places where it is not appropriate is where we do not have the right to do so, because of the source of the material.   I should check with Betsy Fanning of AIIM though.
done when? 2006-01-20 The first change is to use the construction structure and templates as they are used for ODMdev so that pages can be moved between template regimes with minimal rework and automatic rebinding of include material according to the destination-site templates.
in progress 2006-01-20 ODMdev is the model for repaving and refreshing of this site.  There will also be other normalizations.  The work is going to be needs-based and opportunistic.  There will be repaving as it is necessary to retouch areas.  [dh:2007-07-16 The need for adjustment to deal with movement to a case-sensitive add-on hosting site adds greater urgency to this repaving, along with the imminent availability of ODMJNI and related developments.]
  2006-01-11 Remove these and other construction structure notes to see what it takes to line up and move everything to the emergent nfoWare and ODMdev forms. [dh:2007-07-16 I don't follow this.  What?]
  2006-01-11 At some point we need to see if we can get the ODMA /private to work as the target of form entries instead of InfoNuovo /private.
  2005-10-02 When the ODMA.htm page is working, redo the front-porch home page to use the later style, with feature on the logo and some sort of slogan.
  2005-10-02 Make a FAQtip that hosts the ODMA.htm content, just like there is FAQtip sourcing of the contact.htm information.
  2005-10-02 Setup an ODMA.htm page that is the "about" and is built from a FAQ on what the ODMA site is and what is available.
  2005-03-05 Create a construction zone in the download area, begin with using no-follow links and all of the current HTML 4.01 styles.  Then look at what can be done to simplify the materials that will be referenced and used as part of ODMref and ActiveODMA effort.
  2005-03-05 I realize that I can use the include-page trick in the ODMA downloads section to deal with different generations of the specifications.  One of the things I can do is apply this to the current specification and announcement that there is a new draft and an errata being created (the odma20-3 and the rata20-1 documents).   The current errata and the new draft can both be referenced from the 20-2 document, for example, and the odma20.htm can simply include it.  Also, I can use a, b, c suffixes for trivial variants of some of these, such as the inclusion of a note in odma20-2, for example. I could have used a labnote structure, maybe I still can, though that is a little tough. How about coming up with a scheme where substituting that is not difficult and I can do something simpler in the meantime knowing I can slide it in without difficulty.  (Turning an existing page into a redirect or an included page seems to work, so long as I understand what that switchover will be and can anticipate in the organization and naming of new files.  Also, I could use this as a way to wedge in some subdirectory structure to simplify the organization of flat directories like /support and /downloads.  These are becoming a little heavyweight.  [dh:2005-10-02 And it works very well.  I am ready to start bringing all of the technique of that over as part of ODMdev population, spiraling out from there into other ODMA topics, addressing the new and recent first using librarian's rules.]
  2004-11-18 When the download page reflects the understood application of the ODMA License 1.0, update the default-page link from here.  [dh:2004-11-19 or use the FAQ for that purpose, and also tie in a project for the introduction of the license into all of our materials.]
  2004-11-18 Review the index.htm page and introduce links from the bullet list, also some linkage into the next levels of construction structure (?).
  2004-11-18 Review the Construction Zone change log for open items that should be reflected here for future action
  2004-11-18 Arrange an update of the analysis.htm in NuovoDoc to reflect the current ActiveODMA and experimental interest.
  2004-11-18 Update the forwarding analysis.htm page
done 2008-04-26 active/index.htm Provide Construction Structure and establish further work under the local construction zone
done 0.01 2008-04-26 _private/index.htm: Provide Construction Structure
2005-03-05 Add no follow and cleaned-up linkage and labels in this root Construction Zone: C000000, construction.htm, index.htm, and default.htm.
done 2008-04-26 default.htm: Repair the construction structure
done 2008-04-26 construction.htm: Review the change history and repair old links, etc.
2008-04-25 Create work items for spreading the construction structure across the top level, except for the obsolete status folder which is not included in the construction structure (although it will have the appropriate form of tombstone).
2006-01-11 Bring over the nfoWare Construction Structure approach to ODMA
done 0.02
2008-04-25 Repave this top-level construction zone.
done 0.02 2008-04-26 Clean-up the subordinate structure list for the front-porch index.htm Construction Structure.
done 0.02 2008-04-25 Update index.htm to include the repaving-required construction structure page for starting the expanded wave of construction structure repaving across the site.
done 0.01 2008-04-25 Tidy up the index.htm in a form where it can be preserved as part of the new style.
done 2007-09-29 On the default page, fix links so Support, Downloads, and FAQ all have their subtitles as something to click.
done 2007-08-01 default.htm: Emphasize "Java-ODMA Integration Kit" in review for consistency with NuovoDoc 2007-07-30 update
done 2007-07-12 default.htm: Replace repaving announcement with Include Page from c061001b1 so that it can be updated automatically, and all occurences found by checking the hyperlinks.
2006-06-14 Have a separate ClustrMap for ODMdev.
done 2007-07-16 c000000: Correct anchor links and mentions of this page to use "c000000" instead of "C000000," reflecting the accurate URL for the hosted add-on domain.
done 2006-06-14 Alter the ClustrMap to speak of popular ODMA pages.
done 2006-01-11 Delete ODMA /dev after splitting it to compagno/ODMdev, mapping it to $/ODMdevCompagno and keeping it shared with InfNuovoVServer /odma/dev.
done 2006-01-11 Make a separate compagno/ODMA and map it to $/ODMACompagno on VSS.  It remains shared with the proper InfoNuovoVServer /odma location.
done 2005-10-02 Hook up the contact.htm page to the default page NOW.
done 2005-06-28 Customize P050601 from TROSTing to P050601 for here and plant something at P050601c ASAP.
done 2005-06-28 Add the projects/2005/06 path and customize index pages for the new folders.
done 2005-01-05 Correct the default page so that the title block is compact and so that the little DMware table is placed better and more pleasantly formatted.
2004-11-18 Put some sort of decoration around the DMware information on the default page
2004-11-18 Correct the font usage on the default page of the site
done 2004-11-18 Use ODMA Interoperability Exchange rather than Development Site for this site.  Correct it here and initiate it in the Construction Office materials, especially the include pages.
done 2004-11-18 Customize the default.htm page and add an announcement of ODMA License 1.0.
done 2004-11-18 Customize the index.htm page to conform to the construction structure and HTML 4.01 styles.
done 2004-11-18 Customize the root construction.htm page to work as part of this construction-zone style.
done 2004-11-18 Customize the Construction Office Diary & Job Jar for use in this zone.
0.02 2008-04-26-12:33 Front Porch Repaving Completed
There are other changes that will impact the front porch, but the current one now has the correct construction structure
0.01 2008-04-26-09:30 Establish Repaved Construction Structure
This construction zone governs the repaving of the front porch and the structure down to all subordinate folders to where other construction zones are defined.
0.00 2004-11-18 Initiation of root Construction Zone
This Construction Shack change history is replaced by a root-section Construction Zone structure to be used as a source of task items at that level.  Additional construction zones are established in the appropriate sections of the site.

Construction Structure (Hard Hat Area)

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