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You've reached the Construction Structure for ActiveODMA materials.  This section is for new (post ODMA 2.0) open-source ODMA developments carried out on SourceForge as part of the ActiveODMA initiative.

Superior Structure: ODMA.info Construction Structure
ODMA.info Construction Zone
Local Infrastructure:        index.htm ODMA active/ Construction Structure (this page)
Immediate Content: [tbd]
Subordinate Structure: [tbd]


ODMA> repaving> 2008-04-25 rededication>

ODMA.info Is Being Repaved.

Migration to a new server introduced a number of problems that need to be repaired.  Older pages also need to be modified and reorganized for consistency across the entire ODMA site.  While the site is being repaved to accomplish both kinds of improvements, you may notice discrepancies and problems with links to site content.

Check the Site Repaving Project pages for additional details on the known defects and the approach to correction and upgrade.  Contact the ODMA Technical Coordinator with questions and to report any defects that you notice.



This index.htm page is part of the engineering, construction management, maintenance, and infrastructure of the ODMA.info site.  You are welcome to explore this and other construction-information pages.   You'll need your hard hat and safety shoes.

If you'd rather find answers to questions about ActiveODMA, go directly to the default entry of the section.   If that doesn't work, come back later.  The section is blocked off whenever the construction crew is blasting in the area. 

0.01 2008-04-26-20:39 Provide Repaved Construction Structure
The construction structure is updated to the repaved form, set up to track against the repaving of the ActiveODMA section.
0.00 2002-11-22-10:51 Create Default index.htm
The usual page is produced to assure presence of a provisional home page in the absence of a default.htm page.

Construction Zone (Hard Hat Area)

You are navigating the 
ODMA Interoperability Exchange construction structure.

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