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Construction Zone


2006-07-03 -22:30 -0700

The ODMA Interoperability Exchange ActiveODMA section has a construction zone for managing work items in support of this section:

The change history of this page is no longer maintained.  All further work items and notes about them are found at the Diary & Job Jar for this construction zone.

Change History

2004-12-01-14:40 Convert to Construction Zone
The construction structure of this section is altered to provide construction zone scaffolding and local construction history.  Ongoing construction work items are now carried in the Diary & Job Jar, rather than here.
2002-11-22-10:51 Create ODMA Active Section
The active section is created as the DMware portion of the ActiveODMA Project.  The section is created to provide a connection to the SourceForge project.
1. The section is added under ODMA.  It's name is chosen to simplify URLs: http://ODMA.info/active/ rather than writing out ActiveODMA.
2. The standard nfoCentrale.net construction structure is honored.  
3. A default page is created that provides a placeholder and a link to the SourceForge project.  The default page is set up so this could be the only entry that people might use, even though there is linkage to the other ODMA sections and there is integration with the other sections.

Construction Office (Hard Hat Area)

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ODMA Interoperability Exchange construction structure.

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