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You've reached the scaffolding for the ODMA Interoperability Exchange /active/ODMref1.0/tools project area. 

This folder holds material activities related to identification of tools for employment in the ODMref 1.0 project.  This is an aspect of the TROST Pilot Project "Identify Tools & Resources" Task.  Identification of tools is part of the transparency and accountability that is provided around having trustworthy development and lifecycle management for ODMref 1.0.

The tasks around ODMref 1.0 tools are for establishing:

  1. Minimum tools needed to simply follow-along with the project (e.g., Internet access, web browser, maybe not much else)
  2. Tools needed to shadow the activity and mirror the development, employ the stable versions of the software, perform testing and troubleshooting, etc.
  3. Tools needed to engage in the development project itself: produce documentation, contribute code and tests, etc.

This folder does not contain the tools, generally.  The tools themselves and ways of obtaining them are covered in the ODMA /dev area.

There are two angles on tools, because of the connection to TROSTing.  There are tools for dealing with the TROST aspects of development, and tools around ODMref 1.0 development itself.  In some cases, the same tool may be involved, thought it could be used in different ways for the two situations.  This section is for tools associated with ODMref 1.0 and any that are unique to the TROSTing of ODMref 1.0.  More-generic tools for TROST work are dealt with under the TROST Pilot project.

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If you'd rather find answers to questions about ActiveODMA and its ODMref1.0 sub-project, go directly to the ActiveODMA section.   If that doesn't work, come back later.  The section is blocked off whenever the construction crew is blasting in the area. 

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