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 Work Breakdown Structure
ODMref Activities in TROST Pilot


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The Work Breakdown Structure for initial ODMref 1.0 development is embedded in the TROST Pilot project.  This table summarizes only those work breakdown elements that have some bearing on ODMref 1.0 development.

Table: ODMref 1.0 Work Breakdown Structure from the ODMref Plan Update
[nomenclature is that employed in TROST Plan edition 6.3, 2005-04-05]


Activity / Outputs

TROST Pilot Project Planning and Design Predecessors to ODMref 1.0 Tasks
22 8. Develop Specifications Project Stage 3: Specification / Project Specifications, Updated TROST Project Plan (5.5) [complete]
23 9. Specification Complete Stage 3: Specification Complete [Milestone]
24 10. Develop Design (shadow) Project Stage 4: Design / TROST Design Specification, Review Against Plan [in progress]
25 11. Develop Design (expanded) Project Stage 4: Design / (corresponding summary task) [in progress]
26 11.1 Initiate Design

Initiate Design / Pre-Design Exception Review, Rolling-Wave Design Plan, Document Skeletons [complete]

27 11.2 Design Lifecycle Framework

Design Lifecycle Framework / Design I: Life-Cycle Framework [in progress]

28 11.3 Design Application Assurance

Design Application Assurance / Design II: Application Assurance

29 11.4 Design Development Assurance

Design Development Assurance / Design III: Development Assurance

30 11.5 Consolidate Final Design

Consolidate Final Design / TROST Design Specification

31 11.6 Close Design

Close Design / Review Against Plan

32 11.7 Design Buffer (as spent)

Design Contingency Buffer  / Schedule Risk Reporting, (7 day initial allowance with 86% consumed by 2005-04-01, 1 day available since) [danger zone]

33 12. Design Complete Stage 4: Design Complete [Milestone]
34 13. Setup Development Environment Development Environment Set Up / Computers & Software Ready [complete]
35 14. Identify Tools & Resources Identify Tools & Resources / Catalog of Tools for TROSTing [in progress]
ODMref 1.0 Development Tasks Conducted under the TROST Pilot Project
36 15. ODMref Risk Mitigation ODMref Risk Mitigation / Tracking Results, Repeatable Experiments [complete: abbreviated]
37 16. ODMref Plan Update ODMref Plan Update / ODMref Plan Expansion, Planning structure on web site [complete]
38 17. Develop ODMref 1.0 base (shadow) Develop ODMref 1.0 / ODMref 1.0 documented software & distribution [in progress]
39 18. Develop ODMref 1.0 base (expanded) Develop ODMref 1.0 (corresponding summary task) [in progress]
40 18.1 Envision ODMref 1.0 base

Envision ODMref 1.0 base / vision / requirements document, scope document, risk re-assessment, expanded project structure into next wave(s) [in progress]

41 18.2 Reflect TROST in ODMref (ad hoc)

Reflect TROST in ODMref 1.0 base

42 18.3 Plan ODMref 1.0 base

Plan ODMref 1.0 base / functional specification, risk management plan, incremental development plan and schedule

43 18.4 Develop ODMref 1.0 base

Develop ODMref 1.0 base / source code, scripts, and repeatable builds for the incremental development, test cases, test usage, and test results

44 18.5 Stabilize ODMref 1.0 base

Stabilize ODMref 1.0 base / packaging for install, verification, confirmation; test scripts and procedures for removal, reinstallation, interpretation of logs.  Bug tracking and elimination.  Declaration of stable release and what is known about it.

45 18.6 ODMdev Buffer (as spent)

ODMdev Contingency Buffer / Schedule Risk Reporting (12 day initial allowance)

46 19. Stable ODMref 1.0 Available Base ODMref Software Complete (Stable) [External Milestone] / Stable ODMref 1.0 available for experimental use and evaluation
ODMref 1.0 TROSTed Release Interdependencies in the TROST Pilot
47 20. Document Templates Document Templates / Generic Templates & Documentation, releases for review and discussion
48 21. Deploy TROSTed Release Deploy TROSTed Release / Updated complete ODMref package
49 22. Development Complete Development Complete (Final Release) [External Milestone] / Final TROSTed ODMref 1.0 release
50 23. Evaluate TROST Usability Evaluate TROST Usability / Questionnaires, feedback, evaluation
51 24. End of Evaluation Evaluation Completed [External Milestone] / TROST assessment report on conclusion of evaluation
TROST Pilot Process Elements that Support/Impact ODMref 1.0 Development
52 25. Project Integration (ad hoc) Project Integration / Dissertation Plan tracking, updates & control [in progress]
56 26. Project Scope (ad hoc) Project Scope / Scope verification, control, and change reports
58 27. Project Quality (ad hoc) Project Quality / Quality assurance & control actions and reports
61 28. Project Communications Project Communications / Announcements, status reports, discussion channels, closeout and operations hand-off notes [in progress]
63 28.2 TROST Engagement

TROST Engagement initiated / the stages, discussion list, public folders (CVS) and tracking  published on Web and SourceForge, with invitation for discussion & participation posted

64 28.3 Announce ODMref Project

ODMref 1.0 Project Announced / informal announcement statements on ODMA.info, DMware.info, and SourceForge ActiveODMA project site.

65 28.4 ODMref Engagement

ODMref 1.0 Engagement Statement / the stages, discussion list, public folders (CVS), tracking, code & tests are published on Web and SourceForge, with invitations to discuss, exercise code, participate and contribute

66 28.5 First Templates for Review

First TROST Templates for Review and Discussion

67 28.6 Issue TROST Questionnaire

TROST Questionnaire Issued / questionnaire, initiation of assessment applied to ODMref 1.0 base

78 29. Project Risk (ad hoc) Project Risk / Risk mitigation and monitoring reports, risk event & action reporting
81 30. Operations & Support (ad hoc) Operations & Support (ad hoc) / Configuration management, backup & recovery documentation [in progress]
84 31. Develop Dissertation Stage 5: Develop Dissertation / Dissertation submitted and all back-up materials and software available [in progress]
91 31.7 Dissertation Submitted
Dissertation Submitted [Milestone]
92 32. Contingency Buffer (as spent) Contingency Reserve / schedule risk reporting, exception reviews (22 day allowance with 55% consumed by 2005-03-20, 10 days currently available) [danger zone]


Deadline (2005-07-28)
0.25 2005-04-11-23:24 Clean up some entry and add more links
Some stray references carried over from other documents are deleted and outputs now provided under Project Communications are no longer duplicated under Develop ODMref 1.0 base.
0.20 2005-04-10-17:29 Reflect Monthly Progress Report
The completion and in-progress status is adjusted to reflect tracking through 2005-04-09 as reported in the 2005-04-10 Monthly Progress Report.
0.10 2005-04-08-21:34 Add proposed deliverables for ODMref 1.0 base Development subtasks
Complete the structure sufficient for completion of the ODMref Plan Update, ensuring that follow-on activities are captured as work items where they will be reviewed and acted upon in later stages.
0.00 2005-04-08-17:10 Expand ODMref-related activities to reflect ODMref Plan Update
Activities relevant to the ODMref 1.0 project are cloned from the earlier WBS and updated to reflect the ODMref 1.0 Plan Update.

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