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Project P050405 ODMref 1.0
Work Breakdown Structure


0.10 2006-01-20 -15:07 -0800

Type: Project Planning Project ID: P050405
Style: Abbreviated
Status: Operational
Version the ODMref 1.0 Work Breakdown Structures over time so that other project elements can refer to applicable versions for context.
1. Provide the information that matches different versions of the Project Plan and its Gantt charts.
2. Cross-Link to the project folios for individual tasks in the Project Plan.
3. Have as a vehicle for navigating, reviewing and locating the project materials related to each task.
4. Have the information updated as the project moves ahead, preserving a trail from the current approach back through all earlier ones.
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P050401: ODMref 1.0 Plan Update
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Conditions of Satisfaction:
1. Current WBS Structure in place for tracking current effort.
2. Provisions for recovering missing historical material as planning work continues.
3. Routine updating as part of plan changes that impact the WBS. 
1. TROST Project Specification, 2005-03-20
2. Dissertation Plan 5.6 of 2005-03-21
3. TROST Project Exception Review, 2005-03-22
4. Dissertation Plan 6.0 of 2005-03-21
5. Dissertation Plan 6.3 of 2005-04-07


1. Cross-threaded work-breakdown page with revisions corresponding to each material change in the logical structure on the project plan.
2. Latest WBS Status page always mapped to include the latest-adopted one as the project moves along.


Assigned To: Dennis E. Hamilton Defined By: Dennis Hamilton (2005-04-06)
Date Initiated: 2005-04-06 Date Completed: 2005-04-08

Activities (2005-04-08)

There are other elements of the objectives and conditions of satisfaction that have not been performed.  These items are non-critical and can be recovered as other tasks are initiated that depend on the additional materials or steps.

0.10 2005-04-08-21:43 complete with further work in job jars for pick-up by other tasks; task is operational
The essentials are accomplished and more can be pulled in as we move toward the ODMref 1.0 Engagement activity.  The appropriate job jar items have been created for anything else needed.
0.00 2005-04-06-17:04 create  placeholder to morph into the necessary material
Incorporate job jar and use it to identify work items that apply here.  Provide an activity skeleton to be refined as this task is carried out over time.

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