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Project P050401 ODMref 1.0
Update Plan


0.10 2006-01-20 -15:06 -0800

Type: Project Integration Management Project ID: P050401
Style: Abbreviated Status: Complete
Update the ODMref 1.0 development plan to reflect approval for use in the TROST pilot project for Dennis Hamilton's M.Sc in IT dissertation.  Have a structure for increasing confidence in workability, shedding critical path, and providing a framework for the engagement of others.
1. Coordinate into the schedule and plan for the TROST Pilot Project.
2. Introduce rolling-wave planning and add buffer along with finer breakdown of work items in the earliest activities.
3. Formalize ODMref 1.0 development tracking for on-going focus on the development and for consultation by observers and those who chose to become more engaged.
4. Incorporate the work items into project job jars and diaries here, providing an on-going account.
5. Tie the task folios into the Microsoft Project plan document so that there is easy navigation from that document to detailed items for the work on each activity.
6. Recover all of the quality, risk, and activity under similar disciplines that have not been maintained.
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ODMref 1.0 Status
P050405: Work Breakdown Structure
P050402: ODMref 1.0 Project Tracking


Conditions of Satisfaction:
1. Work Breakdown Structure includes the rolling-wave expansion and provides context.
2. Wave-front task folios set up for the next level.
3. Feasible schedule and buffer being managed.


1. Current Tracking Plan (6.2)
2. TROST Pilot Specification
3. TROST Pilot Pre-Design Exception Review
1. Updated Tracking Plan (6.3)
2. Rolling-Wave Expansion for "Develop ODMref base"
3. Initial Task folios for the next elements of ODMref rolling-wave planning
4. Incorporation of additional plan management items in future tasks.
Assigned To: Dennis E. Hamilton Defined By: Dennis Hamilton (2005-04-05)
Date Initiated: 2005-04-05 Date Completed: tbd

1. Concerns (2005-04-06)

The ODMref 1.0 development is carried as a single large subtask in the tracking of the TROST Pilot project:

"Develop ODMref 1.0 base is ill-defined and on the critical path [from Plan version 6.2 tracking as of 2005-04-04]
Figure 1. Lengthy "Develop ODMref 1.0 base" on critical path (in-progress tasks highlighted)
[TROST Pilot Project Plan version 6.2 with tracking through 2005-04-04 (green dashed line)]

Until task 17, "Develop ODMref1.0 base," is planned in greater detail using the rolling-wave planning of the TROST Pilot Project, we will not know how to shed critical path and scale the ODMref 1.0 development to fit the unmovable TROST and dissertation submission deadline of July 28.  In detailing this section of the project, it is desirable to bring the "Evaluate TROST Usability" back as close to a 06-21 completion, as possible.

There are the following concerns at this point:

2. Approach (2005-04-06)

The allowance for task 16, "ODMref Plan Update," will be used to

3. Activities (2005-04-08)

4. Outcome

Figure 2. Expanded "Develop ODMref 1.0 base" with critical-path reduction and buffer
[TROST Pilot Project Plan version 6.3 with tracking through 2005-04-04 (green dashed line)]

0.10 2005-04-08-23:51 Complete with additional elements deferred into job jars of later activities that will revisit this material.
Wrap up the tracking material and declare this complete when that is accomplished.
0.00 2005-04-05-10:37 create  placeholder to morph into the necessary material
Incorporate job jar and use it to drive the completion of essential items here, providing an initial skeleton for more activity.

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