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Project P050302 ODMref1.0
Mitigation Experiment #1


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Type: Feasibility Demonstration Project ID: P050302
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Build a simple DLL that offers the standard entry required for ODMA DMS integrations.
  1. It uniformly fails to return an interface.
  2. It creates a log of the call that was made to it and reports the response it is providing.
  3. There is a simple test harness that also works with existing ODMA DMS DLLs.
Related information/projects:
     P050301: ODMAref1.0 Risk Mitigation Exercise


Assigned To: Dennis E. Hamilton Defined By: Dennis Hamilton (2004-11-11)
Date Initiated: 2005-03-07 Date Completed: tbd

1. Concerns

2. Approach (2005-03-27)

3. Activities (2005-03-27)

4. Materials (2005-03-27)

0.00 2005-03-07 create  placeholder to morph into the necessary material
Incorporate job jar and use it to drive the completion of essential items here, which starts as a simple skeleton.

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