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  2005-07-22 From notebook #46.62: One thing that an assessment must include is the definition and handling of failure nodes and how those are demonstrated and confirmed.  [dh:2005-08-03 This looks like one of Simson's patterns on least surprise and failing safely.  I should see if that applies.]
  2005-07-15 I need to include the impact of reproducibility and Van Horn's dicta here.  In particular, the problem of identifying the inputs and outputs and knowing how an output was produced becomes important too.  This extends the need for identification schemes.  Also, the problems of including dates in material need to be addressed.  [dh:2005-08-03 So we are led to the issue of identifying all outputs, being able to identify inputs and have that reflected in outputs, being able to tell what a shell log is from, how and when other logs and outputs were produced, and by what, etc.  This then gets us to registration of formats and the game started in nfoWare for things like wikiText, addbib formats, etc.  I think this comes up in information architectures, but there can be links from a refinement of this.  I also think the refinement will refactor into part under TROSTing.org and then a specialization of it here.  That can be resolved later.]
  2005-07-12 I need to tie this into a declaration of principles and some of the pattern work, once that is available.  [dh: 2005-08-03 This will all likely be up in TROSTing.org, with adoption here as part of the envisioning of ODMref 1.0 and its companions.]
  2005-07-11 Second discussion with Vicki, with a chat window open to Bill that I was using as a diary of our Skype conversation: Out of this weird cross-over, I put together what trustworthiness in artifacts is all about.  If you consider that there is no trust without caring, and being trustworthy also requires trust and caring, what we are seeing in an artifact is an expression of the caring of the producer.  That is too rich.  I think that is exactly the connection that I want to emphasize.  I also think that is what I am teasing out in presenting the scoping elements that I have drafted here.  I must get this into text and out for discussion, it is a key part of the overall context of "open-system trustworthiness."
  2005-07-11 Discussion with Vicki: After the call with Bill, I was relating some parts of the conversation to Vicki.  When I talked about the checklist business and explicitly saying what is being done and what isn't being done now (thinking of a specific scope statement), how much more powerful that is.
  2005-07-11 Comments from band: Acknowledge Bill in the contributors here and on TROSTing.org.  And in my dissertation, of course.
  2005-07-11 Comments from band: We got into more discussion of what I was distilling out of Solomon & Flores Building Trust.  I got more out of how being trustworthy requires trusting.  We kicked a couple of examples back and forth.  I must remember to capture this in my discussion of
  2005-07-11 Comments from band: during our weekly Skype call today Bill said he'd looked at the Bootspiral Scoping piece and he felt some muddle in my using reliability, dependability, and trustworthiness.  I must make sure the TROST glossary has those down, and also see if I can avoid variations among those terms just to avoid sounding redundant.
  2005-07-11 Comments from band: The two diagrams from other sources are difficult and maybe too complicated (I agree, though I was surprised the Boehm one was distracting).  I will replace them with ones that fit exactly what I have in mind.  I will also add one for the Shewhart-Deming cycle of learning and improvement that says just what I want.
  2005-07-11 Comments from band: he had to read it (0.11 I think) twice, realizes there is missing context but liked what came through.  Suggests being crisper in use of terms, maybe not requiring so many qualifiers (adjectives, etc.).
  2005-07-10 Use cases can also be included in the packages.
  2005-07-10 Include requirement to have an accurate identification scheme for all materials, versions, etc.
  2005-07-10 There may be samples included with the operational-component package.  That includes the possibility of a sample or test repository that works with ODMref 1.0.  One appealing case for me is having one sample that carries the support materials and information and allows their access via ODMA-aware clients.
  2005-07-10 The Information and Instruction Elements need to be in an appendix or at the end after any refactoring done later.
  2005-07-10 How do we work it so that new attestations can be added to the package without breaking the integrity of the package?  [dh:2005-08-03 I think that the Metro package (whatever it becomes named) will help in this regard.  There needs to be some care that adding payload does not invalidate existing payload and, in particular, any digital signatures as parts of attestations and authentication of payload content.  The business of adding attestations, like countersigning an assessment, will work.  This takes more thinking still.]
  2005-07-10 Where do assessment and attestation tools go?  Some are part of the confirmable-construction package? 
  2005-07-10 The content that I am developing is really a template of sorts.  I should refactor this and have more of it under TROST.  I won't do that now.  This is the laboratory where this much is being developed and that is fine for now.
  2005-07-09 I should look in the Project Management and Software Engineering resources to see if there is anything already available here that I could have started with or that I can blend in now.
  2005-07-09 This may be a place to review Larry Osterman's business about level support, though I think I caught it all here.
  2005-07-09 For skill prerequisites, some of the announcements for Microsoft workshops are useful as examples of how to say what's expected in order to participate confidently.
  2005-07-09 There is a link to the TROSTing.org site.  At some point, this should be to the TROSTing section here under ODMref 1.0, unless we manage to do away with that.  At the moment I think the TROSTing section is called for and it can identify the concerns that we have for raising trustworthiness, not destabilizing the current situation, and ensuring smoother operation and upgrading in the future, with fallbacks and safety-nets.
  2005-07-09 Add something about audience considerations and how to provide grades of material.
  2005-07-09 Make a version of the Microsoft 5-phase diagram without the milestones.  Have it be simpler.  Also, show above it where we see the bootspiral showing up, if that makes sense.  This may be a bent abstraction and need tightening somehow.
  2005-07-09 The checklists that go with each cycle of the actual deliveries under this scope can be additional pages of this project folio.
  2005-07-09 In the future, I may find places to link to as better explanations, and then I can simplify this tabulation.
  2005-07-09 I am enumerating a lot of elements from experience and memory.  I wonder where I can find sources and descriptions for some of these.
  2005-07-05 A spiral development image would be valuable.  There must be some in Tom Gilb's slides and elsewhere, perhaps.  [dh:2005-07-06 I don't doubt it.  I also need to edit or expand on some of these.][dh:2005-07-10 Expansion is better with additional reference material elsewhere, preferably on TROSTing.org.]
2005-08-02 The sections and paragraphs need to be made into permalinks: P050702, P050702c
2005-07-12 Correct David Saunders name in citation of Latzko and Saunders.
done 2005-08-02 Move the blog account here and then link to the blog account. 
2005-07-10 Then announce on Professor von Clueless.
done 2005-07-10 Make it 0.11 after all that, and change it in the catalog, then update at the site.
done 2005-07-10 Change from Scope to Scoping.  Add explanation of that which makes it clear this is a list for scoping, and that scope checklists determine the specific scope for a release
done 2005-07-10 4.3.12 - required resources, not resource requirements
done 2005-07-10 In the context section 2, there should be quotes on the MSF phases enumeration, and Italics on the MSF 3.1 mention (perhaps?).
done 2005-07-10 Add version number to "this version" on P050702c
done 2005-07-10 Announce for review on ActiveODMA-discuss and TROST-discuss lists.
done 2005-07-10 Update the cover page to reflect achievement of the 0.10 definitions and publish the folio for review
done 2005-07-08 Redraw the Collect-Build, Install-Confirm, Monitor-Assess diagram.  Make it Construct-Package and Install-Adopt.
2005-07-05 Define ODMdev, Bootspiral, and Scope as they are used here. [dh:2005-07-06: I got two so far, and one from Gilb would be good too.]
done 2005-07-06 Remove the centering in the bottom cell of this column, and feed the correction back to P000006a too.
done 2005-07-05 Share and publish the placeholder version along with other cleanup of the site.
done 2005-07-05 Adjust the Construction Zone links of each of these pages: P050702, P050702a, P050702c
done 2005-07-05 Set up P050702c as a placeholder version page with no content yet.
done 2005-07-05 Set up P050702b as the anchor to the latest scope version.
done 2005-07-05 Change the name from Bootstrap to Bootspiral.
done 2005-07-05

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